Fokiano: The quiet, verdant beach with blue-green waters

Fokiano beach

Although it has recently become more popular, only some have decided to make the journey to this beautiful but isolated coast of Arcadia.

Thanks to their famous islands and internationally renowned beaches, the Aegean and Ionian Seas usually monopolise the summer season's travel itinerary, overshadowing smaller seas in our country, such as the Thracian in northern Greece or Myrtoan on the eastern side of the Peloponnese.

Of course, Myrtoan, as one of the seas of the greater Aegean, has its own beauties. However, they remain less known and somewhat inaccessible, at least for those who have yet to explore the coasts of Arcadia and Laconia.

Arcadia, in particular, may not even be associated with the sea in most people's minds since it is usually identified with the plateau of Tripoli and with famous winter resorts around Mainalo—like Vytina.

Apart from mountains, however, Arcadia also has access to the sea, with coasts towards both the Argolic Gulf and Myrtoan. One of the most beautiful beaches on the Myrtoan is Fokiano.

Thanks to various internet publications, it has become somewhat better known, yet it is kept quiet: few seem willing to make an effort to get here.

Fokiano beach

Fokiano is a fairly extensive and sheltered bay with a length of 750 metres. Mount Parnonas seems to merge with the Myrtoan Sea since the surrounding trees literally reach the coast, thus creating a verdant landscape.

The beach is pebbly (with large pebbles, so wear special shoes if they bother you), and the waters are calm, clear, and relaxed, with seductive blue-green hues. Note that they deepen almost immediately.

Fokiano beach

There is room for everyone here. If you like unorganised beaches, you can reach Fokiano with your umbrella, mat and sunscreen. Otherwise, you will find a small but well-organised beach bar that offers umbrellas, sunbeds, showers, coffee, cold water, and snacks.

In addition, for those who wish to spend more time here, there are also tavernas with freshly caught seafood and even some (few) opportunities for rooms to rent.

How to get to Fokiano

Officially, according to the 2011 census, Fokiano is considered the southernmost settlement of the so-called "Arcadian Riviera" and records a population of only four permanent residents.

To get here, you will start by road from Leonidio and follow the road to Poulithra. After entering the village, you will go to Parnonas, where the turns are continuous. When you reach the isolated Pigadi—the nearest inhabited place to the beach, 11 kilometres away—you will start to descend. Despite the difficulties of some places with blind turns, it will not take more than 1 hour to reach Fokiano.

Fokiano beach

An alternative route, starting again from Leonidio, is towards the village of Tsitalia. Again, it is an uphill road with ravines but with less dangerous turns. When arriving there, you should turn left towards Pyrgoudi, where you will turn right.

There is also a third route, which, in 20 kilometres, leads to the coastal village of Kyparissi in Laconia, which has been increasing tourism for a few years.

Of course, if you have your own boat, getting here is much easier (again, from Leonidio). In fact, at the height of the Greek summer, you may see many sailboats approaching the shore.

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