Greece Saves Beaches from Commercialization

Beaches in Greece and Cyprus amongst safest in Europe for Summer 2021

In an effort to preserve coastal tranquility and address community concerns, the Greek government has designated 198 beaches as "untrodden." These beaches will be protected from the encroachment of bars, restaurants, and large public gatherings.

The decision follows widespread protests and a growing "beach towel movement" among island and coastal residents. Locals have raised concerns that the influx of tourists has led to overcrowding and the commercial exploitation of their precious beaches.

Last year, Greece welcomed a record-breaking 32 million foreign visitors. While tourism provides a substantial economic boost, it has also raised environmental concerns and strained local communities.

The government's move aims to balance the need for economic development with the preservation of natural beauty and the quality of life for local residents. The designated "untrodden beaches" will serve as sanctuaries where people can enjoy the coast without the distractions of commercialization.

Granting the right to simple use of the seashore and the beach is prohibited on these beaches, as well as any other action that may endanger their morphology and ecological integrity, and in particular:

  • Presence of motor vehicles
  • Organization of events with more than ten participants
  • Production of music or other sounds using electrical reproduction or amplification devices for the exercise of activities
  • Placement of mobile elements, such as tables, chairs, umbrellas, sunbeds, etc.
  • Exercise of activities that serve bathers or provide recreation for the public, including the rental of marine recreational equipment
  • Operation of self-propelled or trailer mobile refreshment stations

You can check the beaches here in Greek.

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