Believe it or not, Santorini is in China (Kind of)

I visited fake Greek holiday island4,400 miles away in CHINA they’ve copied every detail & even weather is the same

Ever dreamed of visiting Santorini's famous whitewashed houses and soaking up the Greek sunshine? Well, TikTok has discovered a surprising shortcut—and it's 4,400 miles closer than you think!

Yasmin von Roon stumbled upon Dali's Ideal State, a resort in China that's a near-perfect replica of the iconic Greek island. From the charming cobblestone alleyways and signature blue-trimmed buildings to the sunny skies and relaxed atmosphere, Dali's Ideal State offers a taste of Santorini without the long flight.

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Located on the slopes of the Cangshan mountains overlooking Erhai Lake (think a Chinese version of Oia's caldera view), the resort boasts all the visual charm of its Greek counterpart. Visitors can wander the winding streets, sip refreshing drinks, and capture postcard-worthy photos – all minus the Aegean Sea and the dramatic volcano.

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