Greece-Cyprus ferry will run from May 29 to September 3

Port of Piraeus, Piraeus Port Cyprus

The routes between Limassol and Piraeus will begin on May 29, with the Cypriot-flagged ship Daleela connecting Cyprus with Greece by ferry for the third consecutive year, as announced by the ship's owning company Scandro Holdings LTD. The reservation and ticket purchase system is already in operation, while the last route from the port of Piraeus this year is set for September 3rd.

Although the route lasts about 30 hours, travellers' interest has increased. In the two previous years, 2023 and 2022 (the year the ferry connection Piraeus—Limassol reopened), tickets sold out. However, the important difference for 2024 is that Cypriot citizens can only take the ferry to and from Limassol, not Larnaca.

Ticket prices show a marginal increase compared to 2023, while they have increased by 10% compared to 2022. The company attributes the increase to inflation and fuel prices, while the green tax is also expected to bring about further increases.

The price range varies depending on the cabin category (VIP, second class, etc.) and the passenger category (adults, children). Cars and pets can be transported.

In 2023, 7,407 passengers and 455 pets travelled, while 2,496 accompanying vehicles were transported.

As stated in a press conference in Cyprus, the country's Deputy Ministry of Shipping attached great importance to reopening the Cyprus-Greece maritime passenger connection.

The Deputy Minister of Shipping of Cyprus, Mrs Marina Hatzimanoli, emphasised that the numbers show that the operation of the Limassol-Piraeus line has created a segment of the tourist market for travellers who wish to travel from Cyprus to Greece and continental Europe with passenger cars and two-wheelers, offering an alternative mode of transport, which has not existed for two decades.

Regarding whether the line will become viable, Ms Hatzimanoli said that the estimates and data regarding its viability so far are positive. She estimated that after the end of the subsidised service, there would be interest from the shipping world so that it could continue uninterrupted the Greece-Cyprus connection and become Cyprus's permanent maritime connection with continental Europe.

When asked about the non-inclusion of the port of Larnaca, as was done during last year's period, the CEO of the contractor company explained that "unfortunately, we saw that this was not in the financial interest of the company, since with today's fuel prices, there would have been additional costs of €6,000 to €7,000."

The Cypriot Ministry of Shipping will welcome any attempt to permanently add a maritime passenger route between Cyprus and Greece or with another neighbouring country. Nevertheless, the permanence of a passenger ferry line is intertwined with the demand and the market conditions that shape it.

Details and Pricing:

  • First-class single cabin: €73 (€146 return)
  • Double cabin: €68 (€136 return)
  • Four-berth cabin: €63 (€126 return)
  • Second-class: €50 (€96 return)
  • Airline-style seating: €38 (€76 return)

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