Olympic Flame Sets Sail: Historic Ship 'Belem' Arrives in Greek Port

Belem feature

A significant chapter in the journey of the Olympic flame unfolded as the three-masted vessel, christened 'Belem', made its majestic arrival at the Greek port of Piraeus. Welcomed by a ceremonial reception featuring a municipal marching band and excited schoolchildren, the ship symbolised the unity of tradition and modernity in Olympic history.

The sacred flame, borne from the timeless embers of Ancient Olympia, has traversed the Greek landscape during its national leg of the torch relay since its ceremonial lighting on April 16. Amidst grandeur and reverence, it will transition to the next phase of its voyage.

On April 26, amidst the historic surroundings of the Athens Panathenaic Stadium, the flame will ceremoniously pass into the custody of Paris Games organisers, marking the transition from Greece to France. Departing the following day aboard the iconic vessel 'Belem', the flame will continue its journey, serving as a beacon of hope and solidarity.

Prior to its departure, the 'Belem' will open its decks to visitors, offering a unique opportunity to witness the flame's embarkation. A testament to maritime heritage and Olympic spirit, the vessel embodies the essence of this historic occasion.

As the flame sets sail for Marseille on May 8, it heralds the commencement of the French leg of the 68-day relay. This symbolic journey will culminate in the grand spectacle of the Olympic Games' Opening Ceremony on July 26, embodying the timeless values of peace, unity, and athletic excellence.

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