Greek Parliament Brawl: Former Spartan MP Attacks Colleague

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Tensions flared in the Greek Parliament as former Spartan MP Konstantinos Floros engaged in a physical altercation with Hellenic Solution's Vasilis Grammenos during this morning's session.

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The incident, marked by vulgar language and physical violence, unfolded outside the parliamentary chamber. Reports indicate that Floros allegedly punched Grammenos and employed a jiu-jitsu grip, resulting in Grammenos being thrown to the ground.

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Floros defended his actions, citing insults to his family and threats of incarceration hurled by Grammenos as provocation. The altercation occurred amidst debates concerning the lifting of immunity for Mr. Velopoulos, whose case centered on accusations of slander via a false social media account.

Further complicating matters, it was revealed that Grammenos had previously filed a lawsuit against Floros' father for slander and insult in the press.

Immediate intervention by parliamentary security personnel ensued, with police called to restore order and defuse the situation.

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In response to the altercation, Parliament President Konstantinos Tasoulas condemned the "brutal" behaviour and imposed a 15-day suspension from parliamentary proceedings on Floros, in accordance with parliamentary regulations. Tasoulas also announced Floros' referral to the Ethics Committee for further investigation.

Expressing regret over the incident, Tasoulas apologised to Hellenic Solution President Velopoulos, emphasising the seriousness of the matter and pledging appropriate consequences.

Commenting on the altercation, Velopoulos condemned the violence, asserting the importance of rational discourse in politics and condemning those who resort to aggression.

(Source: To Vima)

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