Made In... Kozani: Bike-1, the first electric quad bike in Greece

Kozani Bike-1

Dimitris Gloubos, an electrical engineer and e-bike manufacturer, explains how he has turned the vision for cleaner, greener cities into practice, with two vehicles already in circulation, which will soon replace conventional transportation.

Bike-1 is a four-wheeled bicycle that runs on a lithium battery and charges like electric vehicles. It has seven speeds, a four-wheel drive system, a digital navigator for city traffic, a bicycle steering wheel, electric lighting systems, and mirrors. Of course, it does not lag in entertainment on the road with speakers for music and open communication.

With all the aforementioned advantages, the second Bike-1 model is more reinforced and can carry up to 180 kg of cargo.

Both have pedals but are powered by an electric motor.

"In addition, they are closed/covered to protect from the weather, they can be ridden even by someone who does not know how to ride a bike, they do not require a special driver's license, but it is good to insure e-bikes," Gloubos said, Energy Mag reported.

The e-bike price varies between 7,000 and 12,000 euros, but the prices will drop significantly when the demand and production increase. With one or two batteries, depending on the vehicle, it can provide a driving range of up to 100 km, i.e. as much as an electric vehicle.

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