Greece rejects US Human Rights report

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In response to the publication of the annual report on Greece, the Greek government accused the United States human rights report of lacking basis.

"The report records, without further investigation, allegations by non-governmental organizations that are not independently verified," the AMNA news agency reported, quoting the Greek foreign ministry.

It said that due to this indiscriminate recording, it seems that all countries with highly developed rules of law have serious human rights issues.

It added, "Particularly important for the integrity, reliability, and objectivity of the report is the fact that the opinion of the Greek state was not sought in relation to the reported issues."

The ministry said the U.S. report overlooked or completely ignored Greece's regulatory measures and national strategies in recent years to protect the rights of vulnerable categories of citizens. Such progress is "recognized on many levels," it added.

It said the Greek government will continue to consistently support democracy and the rule of law, improving citizens' individual and social rights and standard of living.

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