'Pink Panthers' Gang Members Arrested for Athens Jewellery Store Break-Ins

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Two Serbian nationals, aged 50 and 53, suspected members of the notorious 'Pink Panthers' gang, have been arrested in connection with a string of jewellery store burglaries in central Athens.

The arrests come following a series of meticulous investigations by security officials, who linked the individuals to multiple incidents employing the sophisticated "rifle method" to carry out their crimes.

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According to reports, the duo targeted jewellery establishments in prominent areas of Athens, including Kolokotroni Street in December and the Omonia district in March. Their modus operandi involved scouting for vulnerable targets located adjacent to vacant or abandoned buildings, primarily under the cover of night.

Utilising their knowledge of the area, the perpetrators would carefully assess the surroundings to ensure a stealthy entry, often creating an opening in the partition to gain access to the premises. To minimise the risk of detection, they employed cloth to muffle the sound of their activities.

During the break-ins, only the 50-year-old suspect would infiltrate the jewellery shops, maneouvering cautiously to evade alarm sensors while seizing the valuables. The stolen goods were then concealed in backpacks for a swift escape, with the accomplice standing lookout outside.

The duo made off with items valued at €169,000 from Kolokotroni Street in December and €147,000 from Athinas Street in March.

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The arrests occurred when officers from the Burglary Department intercepted the suspects on Aristotelous Street. Despite resistance from the 53-year-old individual, both suspects were successfully apprehended.

Notably, both individuals have a history of similar offences, having served prison sentences in the past and released under restrictions.

About the 'Pink Panthers' gang, via Wiki:
The Pink Panthers are an international jewel thief network responsible for a number of robberies and thefts described as some of the most audacious in the history of organised crime. The organisation has roughly 800 core members, many of whom are ex-soldiers with extensive military and paramilitary backgrounds. Both women and men play an equal part in the structure of the organisation. The organisation's membership mostly consists of Serbian and Montenegrin citizens, who are believed to be Bosnian War veterans making use of their military experience for criminal activity. The organisation was named by Interpol after The Pink Panther series of crime comedy films.

(Source: Huffpost.gr)

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