Greek Police bust drug dealers operating out of school complex


Greek police dismantled a criminal gang that was trafficking drugs in a school complex in Patras on Saturday.

Police arrested 12 people, namely four men accused of being leading members of the criminal ring, as well as six men and two women accused of being members of that same organization. Among those arrested are four minors, aged 14, 15, and 17 years old.

Additionally, six parents and guardians of the minors were arrested, as well as a high school student from Patras who obtained drugs from the criminal group for her own use. According to the police, the criminal ring operated for at least a year in Patras. The leading members of the criminal ring imposed absolute allegiance on the members by making threats and committing beatings against their minor accomplices.

Furthermore, the criminal ring used the school complex, through its minors, as a location for drug activities and as its base for further drug trafficking.

The accused even inscribed the price of selling a gram of cannabis on the wall of the school complex. The detainees, members of the criminal ring, were taken to the Prosecutor of the Court of Patras, where charges will also be filed against the parents of the minors as well as against the high school student in possession of drugs.

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