Greek Interior Minister Denies Election-Related Break-in, Accuses Opposition of Misinformation

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Greek Interior Minister Niki Kerameus dismissed allegations linking a reported break-in at a branch of the interior ministry to election interference, asserting that opposition parties were attempting to undermine the electoral process.

In a statement made yesterday, Kerameus condemned what she described as "incredible irresponsibility" on the part of opposition parties for casting doubt on a procedure that has been a staple of the country's democratic process for five decades.

Speaking to Skai TV, the minister emphasised that the interior ministry, in collaboration with municipalities, regional authorities, and judicial representatives, has meticulously overseen electoral procedures. Kerameus revealed that she awaits the police report on the break-in and assured the public that all security protocols were promptly activated following the incident. She noted that the cybersecurity department conducted a thorough examination but found no evidence of compromise thus far.

In response to criticisms from SYRIZA-Progressive Alliance leader Stefanos Kasselakis regarding the introduction of a productivity bonus in the public sector, Kerameus defended the initiative. She clarified that the bonus aims to reward exemplary civil servants and serve as an incentive for enhanced performance.

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