ALBANIA: Elderly Greek couple brutally murdered in Northern Epirus

Albanian police

The brutal murder of an elderly Greek couple in the Dropoli region of Northern Epirus is being investigated by the Albanian police.

According to Albanian media, 84-year-old Kostas Ilias and his 88-year-old wife, Kleoniki, were found dead in their home. Evidence was found on the bodies indicating that they had been violently murdered.

Albanian police announced that the murdered couple were found in their home in the village of Vodrista (Βόδριστα, Albanian: Bodrishtë) by their neighbours, who alerted local authorities.

The police noted during the preliminary investigation that there were no signs of a break-in at the house. Also, the house was not disturbed, and no furniture or objects had been moved.

"Immediately after the announcement, the police went to the scene of the incident and together with the special investigative team established for this case, under the guidance of the Prosecutor's Office, intensive investigations are continuing to clarify the circumstances of the incident," the police announced.

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