Do you know who the greatest 100 Greeks from Skopje are?

Greeks from Skopje

The current situation and the exact population of the Greek Community of Skopje are not known, as government data from the 2002 census did not reflect the reality, and the number was clearly much higher than given.

However, many Greeks have come from the greater Skopje area over the decades. Many of them became great personalities in Greece - mayors, Members of Parliament and university professors.

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During the 1941 census, which was carried out under the responsibility of the German occupation troops, out of a total population of 800,000 in the country we now call "North Macedonia," 100,000 Greeks were recorded as Orthodox Christians, i.e. 12% of the population.

The 1951 census recorded 158,000 Greeks. Of these, 25,000 are Greek natives, 100,000 Vlachs, 3,000 Sarakatsani and 32,000 Greek political refugees from the civil war, or 18% of the 900,000 population.

Based on the data from the 1991 census, the media reported between 12-18% of people had a Greek national conscience.

The official 2002 census recorded 422 people who declared their nationality as Greeks. Can the 2002 census be trusted?

Alexandros Katehis from Infognomon has compiled a list of the 100 greatest Greeks from Skopje.

Lychnidos (Λυχνιδός, English: Ohrid):

Krousovo (Κρούσοβo, English: Krushevo)

Velissos (Βελισσός, English: Veles)

Voudatsa (Βογδάντσα, English: Bogdanci)

Stoboi (Στόβοι, English: Stobi)

Stromnitsa (Στρώμνιτσα, Engish: Strumica)

Kavadatsi (Καβάνταρτσι, English: Kavadartsi)

Yevgeli (Γευγελή, English: Gevgelija)

Divri (Δίβρη, English: Debar)

Monastiri (Μοναστήρι, English: Bitola)

Morichovo (Μορίχοβο, English: Gradeshnitsa)

Velousina (Βελούσινα, English: Velushina)

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