Paleros Bay: The vision and project behind the Greek destination of the year

Paleros Bay

Everyone has a destination, a place where memories are made and dreams come true. This year, Paleros Bay has transformed into this destination.

Following last month's success when Amethyst Selene Suites received the gold award for 'Best Suite of the Year', Paleros Bay took another top spot, cementing its presence among the major tourist destinations in Greece.

Thus, as the winner of the gold award in the highly prestigious category “1.1 Strategic Investment / Partnership / Development” of the Tourism Awards 2024, the suite is introduced to the general public, who are invited to discover the beauty of Paleros and the holistic experience it provides.

Paleros Bay, Amethyst Selene
Amethyst Selene

This victory means a lot for the tourism sector and the local economy of the area, but also for Paleros Bay, which started as a real estate development company 20 years ago and has evolved following the vision of its founder and CEO, Konstantinos Rokofyllos, for its emergence as an international, authentic tourist destination.

The same award was given to the renowned Costa Navarino and HotelBrain in the last two years.

"This distinction honours us, and we are thrilled that a place still unknown to the Greek public is being awarded," said Mr Rokofyllos. "We believe that this is an opportune moment and opportunity for the public to get to know Paleros and the unique experiences that have to offer them."

With Paleros Bay's main message, "Access all year round - happiness all year round," the destination is now becoming not only a pivotal figure in the hospitality sector of Western Greece but also a place that is accessible from everywhere, even for a weekend.

Beautifully, quickly and safely, travellers can visit the destination and experience the unique hospitality experiences through the new highway, Amvrakias Odos, which simplifies arriving there.

Paleros Bay, Amethyst Selene
Amethyst Selene
Paleros Bay, Villa Iris
Villa Iris
Paleros Bay, Ionian Flair
Ionian Flair
Paleros Bay, Villa No Worries
Villa No Worries
6 38
Authentic Greek breakfast
Hiking in ancient Sterna
Hiking in ancient Sterna
Paleros and Mount Tserekas
Paleros and Mount Tserekas
Vathia Vali beach
Vathia Vali beach
Paleros Bay, Villa Mare
Villa Mare

However, as Mr Rokofyllos explained, the new highway significantly raises the profile of the region's tourist landscape, as does the "network of activities that significantly adds to the visitor's experience."

Luxury residences, hotels, farms and restaurants, spas, yachts for island excursions, hiking and climbing, are all part of Paleros Bay's lifestyle, which promises "a holistic approach to highlight the destination in every way."

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