Concerns Rise Over Protests Against Israel's Eurovision Participation


As preparations for this year's Eurovision Song Contest unfold in Malmö, Sweden, concerns loom over planned protests targeting Israel's involvement in the event.

The Jewish community in Malmö, consisting of approximately 1,200 individuals, voices apprehension amidst fears of potential unrest during the festivities.

Scheduled from May 7 to 11, the Eurovision spectacle promises a dazzling showcase, but the backdrop is shadowed by protests denouncing Israel's recent military actions in the Gaza Strip.

On May 9, during the second semi-final in which Israel is slated to participate, and again on May 11, the day of the final, the Jewish community anticipates being at the centre of potentially large-scale demonstrations.

Felix Kraus Sjogren, a tour guide at the Malmo synagogue, shared his apprehensions, stating, "There is a sense of unease, tension. I can't say I'm not worried. With Israel taking part in Eurovision, the atmosphere will be even more intense and maybe the synagogue will be a target for protests. It is not something unthinkable."

The European Broadcasting Union (EBU), responsible for organising the contest, has stood firm against demands to exclude Israel and its representative, Eden Golan, from participating.


Malmö, Sweden's third-largest city, boasts a sizable Muslim population, predominantly from Iraq and Syria.

(Source: Amna)

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