French Aircraft Carrier Charles de Gaulle Visits Souda Bay

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The flagship of the French fleet, the Charles de Gaulle, sailed to Souda on May 2 and moored at the naval base in Chania. The nuclear-powered aircraft carrier will stay there for five days, until May 7.

It will take part in Operation Antares. The aircraft carrier, which is 260 meters long, 64 meters wide, 75 meters high, and has a total displacement of 42,500 tonnes, approached Marathi with the help of four tugs. The huge ship is moored at NATO Pier K-14. Journalists from Chania had the opportunity to take a tour of the flagship of the French Navy, with its 15 decks and enormous operational capabilities, writes

The ship carries Dassault Rafale M and E-2C Hawkeye aircraft, combat search and rescue helicopters AS365F Dauphin Pedro, EC725 Caracal, and AS532 Cougar, as well as modern avionics and Aster missiles.

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