Greek Airlines Transport Holy Light Across Greece

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In a tradition deeply rooted in Greek culture, the Holy Light will be transported from Jerusalem to Athens International Airport Eleftherios Venizelos on Holy Saturday. Under the supervision of the Greek government, Aegean and Olympic Air will oversee its journey to nine regions across the country, while SKY Express will deliver it to seven destinations.

The procession of the Holy Light begins with its arrival in Athens from Jerusalem, where it will be met by officials from the Greek government. From there, Aegean and Olympic Air will coordinate both regular and emergency flights to transport the sacred flame to nine designated locations throughout Greece. SKY Express, aligning with national values and traditions, will also contribute by transporting the Holy Light to seven destinations, including Heraklion, Rhodes, Mykonos, Lesbos, Santorini, Chios, and Kythira.

In adherence to a tradition dating back to 2017, SKY Express has pledged its aircraft and personnel to facilitate the transportation of the Holy Light. The airline will operate flights within Greece and from abroad, welcoming passengers with reverence for Easter customs and providing them with Easter candles as part of the sacred occasion.

The anticipated flight schedule for Holy Saturday is as follows:

- Athens – Heraklion (GQ216): Departure 20:55 – Arrival 21:45
- Athens – Rhodes (GQ284): Departure 20:20 – Arrival 21:20
- Athens – Mykonos (GQ234): Departure 20:35 – Arrival 21:20
- Athens – Lesbos (GQ304): Departure 20:15 – Arrival 21:20
- Athens – Santorini (GQ356): Departure 20:20 – Arrival 21:15
- Athens – Chios (GQ244): Departure 20:35 – Arrival 21:25
- Athens – Kythira (GQ440): Departure 21:00 – Arrival 21:50

As the Holy Light illuminates the skies of Greece, this cherished tradition serves as a beacon of hope and love, uniting communities across the nation in celebration of Easter.


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