Two Greek Beaches Rank Among Top 50 Worldwide

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In a nod to Greece's coastal allure, two Greek beaches have earned coveted positions among the world's top 50 beaches, as revealed by Banana Boat, a venerable sunscreen brand with four decades of expertise.

Voutoumi Beach, nestled along the northeastern coastline of Antipaxos Island, clinched the impressive 5th spot globally. Meanwhile, Fteri Beach, gracing the northern shores of Kefalonia, secured the 29th position on the esteemed list.

The rankings stem from Banana Boat's compilation, which draws on insights from Beach Ambassadors alongside seasoned travel influencers and journalists worldwide.

"Our compilation aims to inspire travelers to venture off the beaten path and revel in the splendor of the world's most breathtaking and serene beaches," remarked Tine Holst, co-founder of The World’s 50 Best Beaches.

The assessment criteria encompassed eight pivotal factors, including unique attributes, untamed landscapes, pristine beauty, natural sounds, accessibility to water, tranquil waters, limited congestion, and frequency of idyllic conditions.

Voutoumi Beach, ensconced at the base of verdant hills on Antipaxos Island, captivates visitors with its crystalline waters and a picturesque amalgamation of pebbles and powdery white sands. "This secluded gem, accessible primarily by boat, preserves its serenity and unspoiled charm amidst Greece's more frequented coastal destinations," attested the Beach Ambassadors.

Voutoumi beachMeanwhile, Fteri Beach on Kefalonia's rugged coast clinched the 29th spot, lauded for its seclusion and serene ambiance, accessible primarily via boat or a challenging hike along a scenic trail.

Fteri Beach Kefalonia island

In the European rankings, Voutoumi Beach soared to the 2nd position, while Fteri Beach claimed the 7th spot, further cementing Greece's status as a beacon for beach enthusiasts worldwide.

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