A Sign of Respect: The Evzone's Salute to the Epitaphios

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This happens during the Epitaphios procession on Good Friday.The Epitaphios procession of the Metropolitan Cathedral of Athens The Epitaphios is a bier carried in procession on Good Friday, representing the body of Jesus Christ. It is usually elaborately decorated with flowers and candles.

The evzones are the elite presidential guard of Greece. They are known for their distinctive uniforms and their ceremonial duties. During the Epitaphios procession, the evzones provide an honor guard for the bier.

When the procession passes by, the evzone on duty will bow his head reverently, cross his arms, and rest the barrel of his gun on the ground. This is a sign of respect and honor to the dead Jesus.

Good Friday is the only time when the Greek Evzone will bow his head, cross his arms, and place the weapon upside down.

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