Eurovision 2024: Marina Satti Reveals Challenges During Second Rehearsal Due to Technical Issues

Marina Satti

Marina Satti discussed the issues she encountered during the second Eurovision rehearsal. As she disclosed, her shoes caused her to slip.

In a video posted by ERT, Marina Satti said: "Some things went well with the camera during the second rehearsal. Now, there's no point hiding it anymore - you all know it will be a one-shot performance. So, the cameraman is part of the choreography. He has to dance with us, count the verses, walk, turn around us, run - it's quite a challenge."

"Compared to the first rehearsal, things went much better yesterday. Okay, I did have some problems - my shoes kept slipping - but we found a way to improve it," she added.

Marina Satti will be participating in the Second Semi-final of Eurovision, which will take place in Malmö, Sweden on Thursday, May 9th.

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