Lifting of COVID-19 Protective Measures in Greece

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Greece’s National Committee in charge of Public Health Emergencies decided to completely lift all protective measures against COVID-19. The decision was taken at a meeting last Thursday, April 25, and was published on Monday, April 29, 2024.

After evaluating the epidemiological situation of the country during the last period of time, the Commission recommended the lifting of the emergency sanitary measures to protect public health against COVID-19.

Especially for health structures (hospitals and other public and private sector health establishments) and if special conditions are established from the data of the structure for the taking of any case-by-case measures, The relevant infections committee of the hospital is responsible for issuing health rules.

For care units for the elderly, hospitals for the chronically ill, closed accommodation structures for people with disabilities and branches of social welfare centers of the regions, the relevant administration in collaboration with the health staff of each structure may proceed to receive any additional measures by evaluating the respective epidemiological factors.

“However, the need to protect vulnerable groups against COVID-10 remains and for this reason it is recommended to observe personal protection measures, up-to-date vaccination and receive antiviral treatment for those who are sick, " the committee’s announcement stressed.

Coronavirus infections, hospital admissions and intubations have significantly decreased in the last couple of weeks and deaths are at an average of six per week.

ISO 16/2024 🇬🇷 (15 -21 April 2024)

Infections + Recoveries: 5,514

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