The Procession of the Epitaphios into the Sea on Naxos

On the enchanting island of Naxos, a singular Easter tradition takes center stage each year in the village of Polichni. Here, the faithful gather for a moving ceremony – the procession of the Epitaphios, a symbolic representation of Jesus Christ's body. Unlike elsewhere, this procession culminates in a unique act: its immersion into the Aegean Sea.

Every year on Naxos, a captivating Easter tradition unfolds in the village of Polichni. Here, amidst the picturesque scenery of the Aegean island, a multitude of faithful gather to witness the poignant ceremony of the Epitaphios procession, culminating in a unique act – its immersion into the sea.

The Epitaphios, a symbolic representation of Jesus Christ's body, is crafted from simple wood and adorned minimally. As the ceremony commences, the air fills with the solemn hymns of the devotees, accompanying the Epitaphios on its journey. This procession, unlike those held elsewhere, reaches its climax at the water's edge. With reverence, the faithful carry the Epitaphios into the gentle embrace of the Aegean Sea.

The tradition extends beyond Polichni, with another procession taking place in Kastraki, another Naxian village. This event is often graced by the presence of prominent figures, as evidenced by the recent participation of Deputy Minister of Sports Ioannis Vroutsis and Mayor of Naxos and the Small Cyclades Dimitris Lianos, along with Municipal Councillors.

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