The upgraded road connecting Greece and Bulgaria is in the works!


The project will connect Greece with Bulgaria better, and the tender will be announced immediately.

A new tender to complete the Dimario—Synora section of the Egnatia Odos (Egnatia Motorway), which will be approximately 8 km long and reach the Bulgarian border, is in the works and expected to proceed without issue.

The road axis was started with a contract from AKTOR and is being completed with one more section to complete the project. For this reason, Egnatia Odos SA committed 11,476,708.46 euros.

The tender is expected to proceed smoothly, and the goal is a positive outcome within seven months of signing the relevant contract, News Auto reported.

Within Greek territory, the whole axis's length amounts to approximately 49 kilometres. The 40 kilometres of the existing road, the "Xanthi-Echinos-Dimario" section, have a speed limit of only about 30 km, while the next 9 kilometres, the "Dimario-Greek-Bulgarian Border" section, is only a dirt forest road.

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