ALBANIA: The killer of the elderly Greek couple in Northern Epirus was a 69-year-old fellow villager

Greek Thomas Mastoras

The 80-year-old man and the 84-year-old woman were murdered during a fight over previous disputes - About 50,000 euros were found in their apartment.

The killer of the two elderly Greeks, 80-year-old Kostas Ilias and his 84-year-old wife Kleoniki, in the village of Vodrista (Βόδριστα, Albanian: Bodrishtë) in Dropoli in Northern Epirus, was identified and arrested by the Albanian police.

The police department of  Argyrokastro (Αργυρόκαστρο, Albanian: Gjirokastër) announced that the murderer is 69-year-old Thomas Mastoras, a resident of the same village as the victims.

According to the police, the murder was over disputes between the elderly couple and the 69-year-old. The perpetrator, who has a criminal record of theft, attacked the victims with a sharp object.

It was also noted that the couple had about 5 million lek (close to 50,000 euros ) in their house.

Other sources say that the 69-year-old was drinking coffee with the elderly couple when the fight started. He then attacked them "with a sharp object."

During the search of the 69-year-old's house, the police found and seized the murder weapon, ammunition, a cutting tool and other items that had been sent for examination.

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