Woman Injured by Falling Bottle During Corfu's Holy Saturday Festivities


During the vibrant Holy Saturday celebrations in Corfu, a woman faced an unfortunate accident when she was struck by a bottle thrown from a window of the historic Town Hall, San Giacomo.

The incident transpired amid the fervent atmosphere of the first resurrection, as the woman hurried past the iconic building. The bottle struck her head, causing her to collapse to the ground, prompting bystanders to rush to her aid. She was swiftly transported to the hospital, where it was determined that she had fortunately sustained no serious injuries.

The tradition of throwing botides, or clay pots, is deeply ingrained in the Holy Saturday festivities of Corfu. However, as evidenced by this incident, such practices can pose significant risks to public safety. In recent years, there have been several accidents associated with this tradition, prompting authorities to implement security measures in key areas such as Liston and Spianada, bustling hubs during the celebrations. Despite these precautions, the unfortunate accident occurred outside of these designated zones.

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