Greece to Hire Egyptian Farm Workers Amid Labour Shortage

Egypt workers

Greece will be welcoming workers from Egypt this summer to address labour shortages in the farming sector, announced the Migration Ministry today.

Amidst projections of economic growth exceeding 3% this year, Greece faces challenges in filling vacancies across various industries, including farming, tourism, and construction. Strict migration rules, coupled with a decline in population and an exodus of workers during the economic crisis, have contributed to the shortage.

Under a 2022 agreement between Greece and Egypt, approximately 5,000 seasonal farm workers will be employed in Greece. Discussions have also taken place regarding expanding this collaboration to include the construction and tourism sectors.

Migration Minister Dimitris Kairidis recently met with Egyptian Labour Minister Hassan Shehata in Cairo to discuss further cooperation. Both countries aim to strengthen efforts to combat illegal migration while fostering mutually beneficial partnerships.

Egypt has received recognition for its efforts in curbing irregular migration flows across the Mediterranean since 2016. The European Union has pledged significant financial support and enhanced relations with Egypt as part of broader measures to address migration challenges in the region.

However, Western backing for Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi has drawn criticism from human rights organisations, given concerns about political freedoms and democratic governance in Egypt.

(Source: Reuters)

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