KALYMNOS: The cheapest island for the Brits to holiday in 2024


Research has revealed the cheapest destinations for organised beach holidays this summer. And as strange as it may sound, with prices constantly rising, three Greek islands are at the top of the list of the most affordable options.

The consumer organisation "Which?" analysed more than 4,500 organised holidays in 15 European countries to find the cheapest ones, and at the top of the list was Kalymnos!

The British “Which?” compare prices during the first week of August and discover the cheapest offers for organised holidays.


In second place on the list is Thassos, with 862 pounds per person, and in third place is Lefkada, with 935 pounds per person. Kalymnos occupy the first place with holidays costing 794 pounds per person in the first week of August.

The online edition of the British newspaper The Sun paid tribute to Kalymnos and recommended it as an ideal destination for British tourists.

"Kalymnos, a lesser-known Greek island near Kos, has the cheapest package holidays in Europe, according to the consumer watchdog.

"Part of the Dodecanese Island group, the tiny island is home to secluded beaches and crystal-clear waters.

"Pothia, the island's capital, has the most competitively priced resort on the island, with the holidays costing £794 per person in the first week of August.

"Meanwhile, the island's most popular beach resort, Massouri, has the most expensive holiday package on Kalymnos, with week-long stays costing £856 per person.

"Even though the island remains relatively untouched by hordes of holidaymakers, there are plenty of things to do on the island, including 15 beaches to choose from.

"One of those is Myrties beach - pebble beach located just 8km from Pothia.

"There are plenty of sandy beaches on the island, including Kantouni Beach, which is said to be a favourite spot among locals.

"Other beaches include Emporio Beach, Platis Yialos Beach, Melitsahas Beach and Akti Beach."


The article then focuses on the attractions of the island and the tradition of mops.

"Other local attractions include a visit to the Sponge Factory, which pays homage to the island's history of Sponge Fishing.

"There's also the Sea World Museum.

"Located in Vlychadia village, the museum boasts a private collection of marine memorabilia like shells, sponges and corals.

"Other museums on the island include the Archeological Museum, the Folklore Museum and the Maritime Museum.

"There's also the Castle of Chryssocheria, the Church of the Christ and Kefala cave.

"Kalymnos is also a well-known destination for rock climbing thanks to its granite mountains, with an international climbing festival taking place on the island every autumn."

Why the Greek island of Kalymnos is the cultural treasure trove you need to visit

Just before the end of the feature, the newspaper informs that there are direct flights from Athens to the island or that one can travel to Kos and then take the ferry to Kalymnos.

Skopelos, regions of Spain, Italy, Portugal, and Turkey were also on the same list.

Rory Boland, editor of Which? Travel, told the newspaper: “Travelling in the summer holidays is notoriously expensive, and demand is again high this year - but our latest price analysis shows that by being flexible on your destination, you can potentially save hundreds of pounds.

"Many of the locations we found aren’t those you’d necessarily assume would be the cheapest - but from tiny, traditional Greek islands to the glitzy Amalfi coast, there are bargains to be found this summer."

Based on the same research, the Telegraph newspaper also paid tribute to Kalymnos, writing that the Greek island beat popular cheap destinations such as Turkey and Portugal.

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