Fabrika by Night! Burgers, Beats & Pancakes

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Another Greek / Mediterranean inspired Concept from creative cafe entrepreneur Aki Daikos

Aki Daikos, the innovative ex co-founder of Tella Balls Dessert Bar, has launched an exciting new evening venture from his current day Panini bar, "Fabrika by Night," this unique eatery serves up a delightful fusion of Greek and Mediterranean flavors with a modern twist, operating Thursday through Sunday from 5 PM to 10 PM.The Establishment will still trade its current day trade as a Panini, brunch & salads eatery Tuesday - Sunday 6am - 2.30pm

Fabrika by Night's menu is creatively inspired burgers and pancakes. Noteworthy among them is the "Signature Pastitsio Burger," a world-first that combines the rich, comforting layers of traditional pastitsio into a hearty burger form.
Equally tantalizing is "The Mykonos Club Burger," and the "Meat the Greek," which intriguingly incorporates yeeros within a burger.

A New Take on Pancakes

Pancakes at Fabrika by Night are no ordinary affair. Alongside their signature Bougatsa pancakes, the menu introduces new creations such as "Melomakarono Pancakes," inspired by the honey-soaked Greek Christmas cookie, which promises a decadent experience. These innovative offerings ensure that pancake lovers are in for a treat with every visit.
Traditional Greek Pastries and More
For those who crave authentic Greek pastries, Fabrika by Night does not disappoint. The restaurant offers freshly baked Bougatsa, Spanakopita, and Tiropites throughout the night. These traditional delicacies, known for their flaky pastry and rich fillings, provide a perfect snack or a delicious end to a meal.

Beverages to Complement the Feast

To wash down these delightful offerings, Fabrika by Night features a selection of old-school milkshakes, Daikos original creation of the Baklava and a Melomakarono Shake! along with their Freddo Cappuccino and Freddo Espresso. These beverages, beloved in Greek culture, add the perfect touch of authenticity and refreshment to the dining experience.

With "Fabrika by Night," Aki Daikos continues to innovate in the hospitality industry by blending traditional Greek culinary staples with modern dining trends. This latest concept not only showcases his creative prowess but also offers a tantalizing new dining option that promises to captivate the palates of all who visit. Whether you're in the mood for a groundbreaking burger or a twist on classic pancakes, Fabrika by Night is set to become a new favorite on the culinary map.

Panini, Brunch & Salads by Day
Tuesday - Sunday 6am - 2.30pm
Burgers, Beats & Pancakes by Night
Thursday - Sunday 5pm - 10pm

100B Sydenham Road Marrickville

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