Murder In Mykonos: Pakistani gang wanted to attack 2 Indians

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A murderous fight took place in Mykonos on Friday night between Pakistani immigrants outside rented rooms where foreigners who work in well-known catering businesses on the island live.

According to an eyewitness who spoke to Proto Thema, the fight relates to an incident that happened on May 9, the day before the murder.

For an unknown reason, two Indians who lived in one of the rented rooms fought with a Pakistani who lived in another area of ​​the Cycladic island. The three men argued, but nothing else happened at that moment.

On Friday, however, the Pakistani returned to the rented rooms with 15 of his compatriots, looking for the two Indians who were not there then.

"The 15 Pakistanis were intoxicated, and I tried to get them away," an eyewitness who works at the rental rooms in question told Proto Thema.

"So while I was trying to calm them down, they started throwing stones and cursing, and as a result, the rest of the residents, all Pakistanis, about 70-80 people in total, came out of their rooms," added the eyewitness.

He said: "Then I continued to try to calm them down and get them away, but the 15 Pakistanis who had come to find the two Indians became more ferocious and started attacking their compatriots who were staying in the rooms. One of the 15 Pakistanis pulled out a knife and tried to stab another Pakistani who tried to immobilise and disarm him. A struggle ensued, and at some point, the defender took the knife from the attacker and stabbed it near his heart, causing him to fall to the ground covered in blood."

Immediately, two other Pakistanis from the group of 15 put the injured man on a motorcycle and took him to the Health Centre. He was pronounced dead there.

According to Proto Thema, the Pakistani who stabbed his countryman is hiding on the island and is being sought by the police.

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