Postal Voting Process Underway for European Elections


As the registration for postal voting in the upcoming European elections wraps up, the distribution of postal vote envelopes to over 200,000 registered voters has commenced. Individuals who opted for postal voting received notifications via email, SMS, or Viber, informing them that their envelopes have been dispatched and providing a link to track their shipment's progress until delivery. Some recipients have already received their voting materials.

According to guidelines provided by the Ministry of Interior, only the registrant or an authorised individual can receive the voting materials. Distributors from sponsoring companies are responsible for verifying the recipient's identity during delivery. Failure to verify information could result in fines of €10,000 per omitted file.

The envelope received by each of the 202,556 voters includes:
1. An instruction sheet containing lists of MEP candidates from all participating parties.
2. A uniform ballot featuring all participating parties and a designated space for voters to select candidates.
3. A voting envelope to enclose the completed ballot.
4. An application form and responsible declaration for postal voting, which can also be submitted digitally via the platform.
5. A return envelope for postal voting materials, to be sent to the designated collection area.

Voters within Greece can return their envelopes free of charge by arranging delivery with the company or by personally delivering them to company stores. To ensure timely delivery, ballots must reach the collection site by Saturday, June 8, 2024, at 17:00 Greek time. The Ministry of Interior advises mailing the ballot envelope four to 11 days in advance, depending on residency status. For voters in Greece, the deadline is Monday, June 3, if using company delivery, or Tuesday, June 4, for direct deposit at company offices. For voters abroad, envelopes must be sent no later than Tuesday, May 28, with registered and express mail recommended.

Envelopes that fail to reach the collection site in time are returned unopened, necessitating in-person voting at polling stations. Those who misplace their ballot or application can print replacements via the postal voting platform, while individuals with disabilities can access a specially designed website for assistance with ballot completion.

(Source: Amna)

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