Survey Reveals Greece's Best Companies for Workplace Environment


Great Place to Work Hellas has unveiled the results of its annual Best Workplace Hellas 2024 survey, shedding light on the organisations recognised for fostering exceptional working environments in Greece.

Conducted anonymously through questionnaires, the survey reflects the perspectives of employees, serving as a barometer of workplace satisfaction and culture. Supported academically by ALBA Graduate Business School and The American College of Greece, the survey recognised 35 companies across three categories based on workforce size.

Among the standout large companies, employing over 250 individuals, DHL Express (Greece), DHL (Greece), and XM secured top honours.

In the medium-sized enterprise category (50 to 250 workers), notable names included Bristol-Myers Squibb, Hack The Box, and Yodeck. Meanwhile, small businesses with 20 to 49 employees, such as S.C. Johnson Hellas, Ipsen Greece, and eLearning Industry, were also celebrated for their workplace excellence.

The survey, completed in February 2024, evaluated companies certified by Great Place To Work in 2023, with Culture Audit reports detailing HR policies and practices. Of the 176 certified companies, 80 submitted reports and were eligible for inclusion in the Best WorkplacesTM 2024 list.

A total of 43,821 employees participated in the survey, offering insights into workplace dynamics across various industries. From companies with over 11,000 employees to those with just 22, the diversity of perspectives contributes to the comprehensive assessment of workplace culture and satisfaction in Greece.

See full list here:

10 large companies employing more than 250 workers:

DHL Express (Greece)

DHL (Greece)



Kaizen Gaming

Melissa - Kikizas

Epsilon Net


EY Greece

bluegr Hotels & Resorts


15 medium-sized enterprises employing between 50 and 250 workers:

Bristol-Myers Squibb

Hack The Box


Campeón Gaming

Bausch + Lomb Greece


Karatza and Co.

Chiesi Hellas




Siemens Healthineers

Seanergy Maritime Holdings Corp.

Digital Realty

10 small businesses employing between 20 and 49 workers:

C. Johnson Hellas

Ipsen Greece

eLearning Industry

Arbitrage Real Estate


Greentube (AbZorba Games)

Zoetis Hellas


TMF Greece



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