Greek Flight Attendant for Jennifer Lopez: "If She Were Another Passenger, We Would Call the Police"

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Incident on the Los Angeles-Dubai Flight

Jennifer Lopez has been known for her less-than-cordial behavior toward staff at hotels and restaurants. After her rudeness towards a reporter at the Met Gala, a new trend has emerged on TikTok, where individuals who have interacted with her have shared their unfavorable experiences.

Among them is a Greek flight attendant who corroborated Lopez's disrespectful attitude towards employees.

In her video, the flight attendant, identified as miss_eirini, highlighted Lopez's discourteous behavior toward the crew, revealing that her actions led to a protracted delay in the staff's departure from the aircraft. The reason for the delay was Lopez's inability to locate合适的衣服needed to disembark the plane.

"She Didn't Even Want Us to Look at Her"

The flight attendant explained, "I was working in economy while she was booked in first class, where passengers have their own cabins. When they close their doors, you have no contact with them, and you don't even see them. However, if a celebrity is on board, the entire crew becomes aware and is generally excited. In the past, when working in economy, we would often pass through first class after finishing our service in the hope of catching a glimpse of the celebrity, and if they appeared approachable, we might ask for a photograph."

"We finished the service and went to first class with another girl, but the crew had a negative attitude towards us. We asked, 'What's going on?' and they replied, 'She's acting strangely. She doesn't want us to look at her, she doesn't want us to talk to her, and she doesn't want us to ask her about her food preference. All communication must go through her assistant.' We decided to disregard it, assuming that is how things are with celebrities. We proceeded with our work, but the situation escalated."

Watch the video:

Unacceptable Behavior After Arrival

The flight attendant continued, "When we arrived in Dubai – after a sixteen-hour flight from Los Angeles, which is exhausting – we had to say goodbye to passengers, sort out our luggage, and proceed to customs. We waited for fifteen, thirty, forty-five minutes – even an hour passed, yet there was no sign of the crew leaving the plane. We finally managed to leave after an hour and a half."

Jennifer Lopez at the 2024 Met Gala
Jennifer Lopez at the 2024 Met Gala

The flight attendant went on to explain, "When we asked the rest of the crew why there was such a delay, they informed us, 'Jennifer Lopez was changing clothes repeatedly. She didn't feel ready to disembark.' Notably, she did not communicate directly with the crew but chose to communicate solely through her assistant. If any other passenger had behaved in this manner, we would have called the security and the police!

Jennifer Lopez at the 2024 Met Gala

A few days ago, Lopez appeared at the Met Gala in a stunning sequined dress that accentuated her curves.

At the steps of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, a reporter asked the singer which designer created the dress. Without even looking at the reporter, she answered, "Schiaparelli", and continued to look straight ahead, posing for the cameras.


#metgala co-chair (and my birthday twin) @JLO briefly told me about her look for the night: Schiaparelli. #metgalaredcarpet #metgal2024 #jlo #jenniferlopez #redcarpet #schiaparelli

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The video went viral on TikTok, with viewers disappointed with the singer's behaviour since they believed she was a snob to the journalist.

Most of the comments under the video were sarcastic and say... how "kind" she was.

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