Former German Finance Minister's Grave Desecrated

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Former German finance minister Wolfgang Schaeuble's grave was discovered desecrated in his hometown of Offenburg, according to local police reports on Monday.

Cemetery staff arrived for work to find a hole dug in the grave of the influential conservative politician, who passed away in December. Despite the disturbance, authorities stated that the perpetrators did not reach the deceased's coffin, as the hole was around 1.20 metres deep and funnel-shaped.

Police issued a statement indicating that they were investigating the incident but had no leads on the motive behind the desecration. This event occurs amidst a rise in violence targeting German politicians, coinciding with the upcoming European Parliament elections scheduled for next month.

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Schaeuble, known for his prominence in European politics over a span of 25 years, notably vied for the conservative leadership against Angela Merkel. He gained renown as a staunch advocate for Germany's fiscal responsibility, particularly during the Eurozone's debt crisis, where he enforced stringent bailout conditions on Greece.

(Source: Reuters)

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