George Tsalkis on Marina Satti

Satti tsalikis

Veteran Greek music singer George Tsalkis took to his Instagram to share his thoughts on Greece's participation in Euro vision, specifically focusing on the performance by Marina Satti and the complexities of representing a country on such a global stage.

In a video message, Tsalkis acknowledged the artistic merit of Satti's work and Fokas Evangelinos' directing abilities. He then sparked a conversation by highlighting the potential disconnect between artistic expression and the expectations associated with representing a nation at Eurovision.

"The song itself divided opinions," Tsalkis said, "but it aligns with the artist's established style. As for the performance on the final night, it was undeniably excellent. In terms of Fokas Evangelinos, whom I greatly admire, his directorial choices are not something I'll criticize. He's a valuable asset, and his talent is undeniable."

Tsalkis then shifted the focus to the broader issue of balancing artistic freedom with national representation:

"The key here is managing your image and representing your country effectively. Even though Euro vision incorporates elements of exaggeration and theatricality, it's still a national representation organized by a state broadcaster. This requires a certain level of awareness, while still allowing for artistic spontaneity and individuality. Responsibility certainly plays a part, but..." Tsalkis paused, searching for the right words, "'s a delicate balance. I almost called her 'the girl.' But she's not a girl. She's a mature woman approaching 40, with a successful career behind her."

He emphasized the importance of striking a balance between artistic authenticity and fulfilling the responsibilities of national representation.

Despite the outcome, Tsalkis concluded that the experience offered valuable lessons for future endeavors.

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