Marina Satti: A Couple for 8 Months with the Charming 37-Year-Old Lawyer Orestis Karagiannis - The Rare Photos


Orestis Karagiannis is a lawyer practicing in Kolonaki, specializing in real estate - The rare photos of the alluring 37-year-old. Marina Satti has found herself in the limelight following her participation in Eurovision, where she represented Greece and achieved eleventh place.

As revealed, Marina Satti has been in a relationship for the past 8 months with the charming lawyer, Orestis Karagiannis, who accompanied her to Malmö and was seen at the airport when the Greek delegation returned.

The revelation was made on Super Katerina by Katerina Kainourgiou, who shared details about the 37-year-old who has captured the singer's heart.

In fact, Orestis Karagiannis is a close friend of Katerina Kainourgiou's brother, Panos Kainourgiou, with whom he has many photos together on social media.

The lawyer romantically linked to Marina Satti is employed in a prominent law firm in Kolonaki and specializes in real estate matters.

He holds expertise in Sports Law, Real Estate, and Civil Law.

Within hours of the revelation about their relationship, Orestis Karagiannis deleted his social media accounts. Those who know him attest to his reserved nature.

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