Silia Kapsis: "I Haven't Seen My Father Since I Was 5 Years Old, He Didn't Even Call Me After Eurovision"

Silia Kapsis

Following her impressive performance at Eurovision, where she secured 15th place for Cyprus with the song "Liar," 17-year-old Greek Australian singer Silia Kapsis opened up on the Alpha show, Super Katerina, about her strained relationship with her father.

Kapsis revealed that she hasn't had contact with her father since the tender age of five. "I grew up without my father, I haven't seen him since I was five. He didn't even call me to congratulate me after Eurovision," she stated.

Her mother, who was present on the show, added, "It's just me and her. I'm her mother and father. I'm always by her side, and her whole family supports her. Her uncles and my father provide her with everything she needs."

Host Katerina Kainourgiou inquired whether Kapsis's father had passed away, to which her guest replied, "No, but I raised her myself."

Kapsis spoke emotionally about her Eurovision experience. "I'm still trying to process what happened. I pinch myself to comprehend it. I'm very proud of my team. The first time I went on the Eurovision stage, I was extremely nervous."

Regarding her hopes for a higher score from Greece, she said, "I was waiting for the 12 from Greece, to be honest. But 10 is also very good, so it's fine. I admire Anastasia, Eleni Foureira, and Marina Satti. I haven't had a chance to interact with them much, but there are several Greek artists I'd like to collaborate with."

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