The wineries of the Wine Roads of North Greece are opening their doors again

Wine Roads of North Greece wineries

On the weekend of May 18 and 19, the wineries of the Wine Roads of North Greece are waiting for us to celebrate together spring and the new vineyard season.

The twenty-seven members of the Winemakers of North Greece association invite wine lovers to visit their wineries on eight different wine routes, from Krania Olympos to Zitsa and then to Hadriani in Drama, as one example.

In fact, create your own route and enjoy wine tourism to the fullest!

The wineries plan guided tours, wine tastings, and events so visitors can get to know the northern Helladic vineyard and the process of creating wonderful wines.


More specifically, on the weekend of May 18 and 19, on the eight wine routes of the "Wine Routes of North Greece", the wineries will have OPEN DOORS:

On the Olympus Wine Route

⦁ Katsaros Estate in Krania Olympos

On the Wine Route of Epirus

⦁ Zoinos Winery in Zitsa
* Opening Hours 12:00-18:00
⦁ Katogi Averof in Metsovo
* Opening Hours 10:00-16:00

On the Wine Route of the Lakes

⦁ Kamkouti Vineyard in Velvedo
⦁ Vogiatzi Estate in Velvedo
⦁ Stergio Estate in Metamorfosi Kastoria
⦁ Alpha Estate in Amyntaion

On the Wine Route of Naoussa

⦁ Vaeni Naoussa in Episkopi
* Opening Hours 11:00-17:00
⦁ Argatia in Rodochori
* Opening Hours 11:00-17:00 (Visits by appointment)
⦁ Kyr-Yiannis Estate in Giannakochori
⦁ Founti Estate in Nea Strandza
⦁ Boutari in Stenimahos

On the Pella-Goumenissa Wine Route

⦁ Zin Ideos Estate in Loutraki Almopias in Pella
* Liturgy Hours 10:30-16:30
⦁ 3 Generations – Thomaidis Family in Piperia Aridaia
⦁ Titos Small Estate in Dio Potamia in Paionia

On the Thessaloniki Wine Route

⦁ Kehris Winery in Kalochori
⦁ Florian Estate in Trilofos
⦁ Gerovasiliou Estate in Epanomi

On the Halkidiki Wine Route

⦁ Porto Karras Estate in Sithonia
⦁ Livadioti Estate in Marathousa

On the Wine Route of Dionysus

⦁ Estate books Chora in Kokkinochori, Kavala
⦁ Estate t'Apostolis in Ampeloi Serres
⦁ Oenops in Prosotsani, Drama
⦁ * Opening hours 11:00-18:00
⦁ Estate Pavlidis in Kokkinogeia, Drama
⦁ Estate Art of Wine in Mikrochori Drama
⦁ Nico Lazaridi in the Drama Market
⦁ Kostas Lazaridi Estate in Hadriani Drama
*Opening Hours 11:00-18:00


Opening hours at the wineries are 11:00-19:00 (unless the opening hours are stated separately). Many of the wineries have scheduled side events.

Entry is free!

For more information, the events and hours, the instructions for the photo contest, the prize draw, and much more, visit and the page on Facebook, which is constantly updated.

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