Journalist Rena Kouvelioti Brutally Attacked


Journalist Rena Kouvelioti was brutally attacked and seriously injured during a report she was conducting for private Alpha TV. The assault became known through a statement by Greece's Journalist Union ESIEA on Tuesday.

“The attempt to intimidate and silence the information officers with the use of violence will not work,” ESIEA said in its statement.

Details about the assault have not yet been made public, however, the victim spoke to news website and stressed that: “The efforts to silence the mission that I have been practicing all these years fall into the vacuum.” She emphasized that she will continue the research she has undertaken and bring it to an end. “The people who practice violence are the ones who break the law, so they will be held accountable in justice,” Kouvelioti underlined.

According to news website, the journalist has been intensely investigating two cases in the last few months: the case of the murder of 31-year-old Babis Koytsikos in Messolonghi (January 2024) and the brutal abuse and murder of husky dog Oscar in the winter resort of Arachova (December 2023).

In the case of Oscar, Kouvelioti was asked by police to testify. When she did so, she reported at that time that on the day she gave her testimony, “unknown people had thrown “poison bait” at her own dog.” According to unconfirmed reports and animal welfare societies, a local businessman was responsible for Oscar’s killing and there were intensive efforts for a cover-up.

Following her assault, Rena Kouvelioti filed a lawsuit and police have arrested the attacker, reported.

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