Alexandroupoli - Where To Eat When Visiting The Thracian Port City


Whether you love seafood, are a fan of traditional Greek cuisine, or are curious to explore local delicacies, Alexandroupoli has many establishments for an unforgettable gastronomic journey.

Let’s explore seven of them.


Lefkes Alexandroupoli

Something of a secret amongst the locals, Lefkes stands from the bustling centre and shimmering sea in a quiet neighbourhood.

It opens only in the evening for a few hours, serving meticulously cooked meats in the cool embrace of a tranquil courtyard.

Indulge in the juicy beefsteak, the perfectly cooked pancetta, the delectable sausage, and the handmade appetisers that invite you into a world of rich, authentic flavours.

Address: Andronikou 29, Phone: +30 25510 22418, Open: Weekdays only, 19:30 – 23:30


Metohi Alexandroupoli

Outside Alexandroupoli, this restaurant’s menu incorporates traditional local cuisine and imaginative recipes, almost exclusively made with ingredients plucked straight from the area.

Sample the veal belly with aubergine puree, meatballs with tomato sauce, katiki cheese, and pork shank.

Address: Aetochori (13 km from Alexandroupoli), Phone: +30 6974 875460



A “gourmet” grill house with intriguing offerings, such as the delicious ingredients typically found in a pita, instead cradled in a tasty Metsovo-style bread.

The meat options include scrumptious pork neck steak, chicken steak, and pancetta.

The burger, with its handmade brioche bun, is flavourful and satisfying.

Address: Kikonon 25, Phone: +30 25515 50454



Hovoli, a familial culinary hub, tenderly fuses Armenian and Greek gastronomic traditions on the city's shoreline.

Begin your culinary journey with homemade tzatziki, tabbouleh salad, and Armenian cheese, each perfectly complementing the handcrafted soft lavash bread.

As you delve into the kebabs—a highlight of their offerings—three minced meat options await your selection: a medley of beef and pork, chicken, or lamb and beef, each telling a different, savoury tale.

Address: Vasileos Alexandrou 50, Phone: +30 25510 37777

Unami Pasta Fresca

Unami Pasta Fresca

Here, a symphony of fresh pasta and meticulously made sauces meet to establish one of the finest street food choices.

Your task is to choose a pasta type, pair it with a complementary sauce, and elevate the creation with a burst of flavour from shaved bottarga.

Daily, creations such as gnocchi with parmesan cream, spinach, white truffle aroma, and toasted almond, tortellini of four cheeses, or truffle carbonara with egg, pecorino, guanciale, and black truffle emerge from the kitchen, tempting and exquisite.

Address: Emporiou 126, Phone: +30 25510 65600

Ouzeri Alexis

Ouzeri Alexis

In the city’s vibrant heart, a stone’s throw from the Lighthouse and harbour, Ouzeri Alexis, celebrated for its seafood meze dishes and approachable prices, invites you to a delightful, nautical culinary escape.

Immerse yourself in classic offerings like the tender octopus, mackerel on the grill, charcoal-cooked sea bream, or whichever treasures the day’s catch has brought to the kitchen.

Each plate is an unpretentious homage to the vibrant sea life swirling just beyond the nearby shore.

Address: Nikiforou Foka 2, Phone: +30 25510 80414

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