UK's First Aid Shipment Departing Cyprus for Temporary Gaza Pier

temporary pier off Gaza

In a significant humanitarian initiative, the United Kingdom has dispatched nearly 100 tons of aid from Cyprus to the temporary floating pier off Gaza, according to a statement from the British Foreign Office on Wednesday.

British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak underscored the collaborative effort, stating, "We are leading international efforts with the US and Cyprus to establish a maritime aid corridor. Today's first shipment of British aid from Cyprus to the temporary pier off Gaza is an important moment in increasing this flow."

Echoing Sunak's sentiment, British Foreign Minister David Cameron emphasized the pivotal role of the pier in facilitating aid delivery to Gaza. He stressed the necessity for increased aid through land routes alongside the maritime corridor, welcoming Israel's commitments to enhancing access while urging for further assistance across borders.

The shipment comprises 8,400 shelter coverage kits, providing temporary shelters constructed from plastic sheeting.

The UK anticipates that the pier will facilitate the delivery of approximately 90 truckloads of international aid into Gaza daily, with the potential to increase to 150 truckloads once fully operational.

Presently, ships transport aid from Cyprus to a floating platform off the Gaza shore. Subsequently, smaller vessels ferry the aid to the floating causeway connected to the coast, where trucks transport it to land.

The World Food Program and the United Nations will receive the shipments.

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