Pserimos: A small, untouched island at the edge of Greece


Just 25 minutes from Kalymnos and Kos, an island brings a relaxing, quiet vacation to life.

In the southern Aegean, a breath away from the popular Kos and the crowds that flock to Kalymnos every summer, a small, very small island stands alone to this day and untouched by Greece's huge tourism industry.


At the beginning of the 20th century, there were more than 300 permanent residents in Pserimos, which is administratively part of the municipality of Kalymnos. This number has now decreased to 30.

The island has a total area of ​​only 15 square kilometres and spends its winters with difficulties. It has always been a remote island, but in the summers, it transforms into a completely bright and truly enchanting place, with a crystal clear sea stretching out in front of the beautiful, picturesque Avlakia, the only settlement on the island.

Things are so quiet in Pserimos in June and July that you automatically forget that you are on an Aegean island in the middle of summer. In August, however, the small boats carrying visitors from the nearby islands become more numerous, and the beaches of Pserimos are filled with happy travellers who find here a true paradise on earth, which can be walked from one end to the other in a short time.


The few rental rooms available on the island are close to the sea, so all you need to do is grab your towel and head down to the water. The same applies to many restaurants that set their tables on the sand.

In Pserimos, time has stopped in another era. Groups of people gather in the evenings on the beach with wine and guitars, and no one is in a hurry to wake up in the morning because the only destination, the sea, is only a few steps away.

Where to swim:


Certainly, the most easily accessible beach is the one right in front of the settlement of Avlakia. After all, it is quite possible that you live so close that all you will have to do is open the door of your room and dive into the sea.

Soft sand, clear waters, tamarisk trees and a few umbrellas for shade. If you still feel like going a little further, just follow the road that passes through the settlement and leads to Roussa, Glistra or Korakia.

The waters in Pserimos are stunning everywhere, but make sure you have water, coffee, and maybe an umbrella with you because on the island's loneliest beaches, you won't find anything nearby.

The route is amazing and doesn't take long. In just a 5-minute walk, you will be in nearby Vathi, a wonderful beach with sand and a few pebbles. For those who love hiking and exploring, in the northern part of the island, you will find Tafos Beach alone in the middle of nowhere.

It is very close to the old clay factory and a small attraction in Pserimos, and you will see if your road leads you there.

What to do:


There are not many places of historical interest or attractions in Pserimos that you can visit and spend hours on during your vacation.

And that in itself is quite liberating.

If what you are looking for is just an island like an endless beach where you can swim in the turquoise sea and then enjoy a meal of fresh seafood with almost no one around, where in the afternoons you will browse the few local shops for seashells from the bottom of the Aegean and in the evening you will drink a cold beer in the old fashioned bar of Nikolas, then you will not regret your trip to Pserimos for a moment.

You'll come back here again and again.

You can also enjoy a wonderful hike on the island's mountain paths and routes that will reveal the wild, raw, unspoiled landscape of Pserimos. The walking paths are well-kept and mapped, and some lead to some of the island's cutest and most beautiful little coves.

Walk from the northern part, Akra Vasiliki, to the southern part, Akra Roussa, with Kalymnos clearly visible across the way. Especially when the atmosphere is very clear, you will think that if you walk a little more straight ahead, you will cross the sea and get there.

Also, you can go by boat to the small uninhabited islet of Plati, where the waters are truly enchanting. If diving is your strong point, this is ideal for exploring the seabed.

Where will you eat?

Manola Tavern

At Manola's Tavern, right on the beach in Avlakia, you can order many things after your swim, from fresh gyros and stews (very tasty and famous locally for their baby goat) to coffee and ice cream.



A restaurant with a beautiful terrace above the sea in Avlakia. The view from here is great, and so is the food it serves from morning to night.

Well-cooked meats, fresh fish, delicious seafood and appetisers, and very good pizza are just a breath away from the water. You will still eat excellent goat meat with spaghetti, feta cheese with phyllo and honey, and even burgers, juices, and sweets.

Take a swim and then grab a table to eat 30 seconds from the wave.

Sevasti Pikou


You will first go to the Sevasti tavern for the amazing octopus meatballs and the delicious dolamdakia, then for the warm hospitality and beautiful atmosphere.

Although the restaurant is not located on the beach, it serves equally fresh and well-cooked fish and very nice homemade meze at real value-for-money prices.

How to get there?

You can reach Pserimos from Kalymnos or Kos by boat or water taxi. The routes are daily in the summer, while in the winter, depending on the wind and weather conditions, they only occur once or twice a week.

The route from Kalymnos and Mastichari of Kos to Pserimos takes about 25 minutes, so you can visit the island even on a one-day trip.

Unfortunately, the island does not have an ATM, so ensure you have enough cash. Otherwise, you must go to the two big, nearby islands to get money.

Anastasia Touroutoglou is a columnist for Travel. Translated by Paul Antonopoulos.

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