The Alchemist: Iordanes Spyridon Gogos at AFW ‘24

A Glimpse Inside 'The Woven Trojan Horse': Iordanes Spyridon Gogos AFW 2024 Runway

Based in Sydney, Jordan Gogos is a Greek-Australian multidisciplinary artist known for his innovative designs and creative collaborations. Having introduced his eponymous label, Iordanes Spyridon Gogos, at AAFW 2021, Gogos continues to push boundaries and redefine fashion standards with his visionary approach once again at AAFW 2024.  This year he releases his fourth collection in collaboration with Australia’s most prolific designers, featuring monumental set design by Designer Rugs.

For Gogos, it’s about love. It’s about respect. It’s about human connection. It’s not just about honouring but also truly celebrating every individual and their uniqueness. It’s about acknowledging that every single person is important. And it’s done in such a genuine and very personal way.

Jordan Gogos is a person who is always thinking about others. Despite the host of accolades, his long list of achievements and burgeoning media attention over recent years, Jordan remains the most humble, down to earth, kindest guy you will ever meet. Just a couple of crucial hours before his mammoth 2024 Australian Fashion Week (AFW) runway event was set to open its doors – his fourth consecutive seasonless AFW show - he takes the time to send me a personal message checking that I had safely received information I had requested about the upcoming show.

Case in point. Jordan makes everyone feel important and special.

It’s a quality that permeates through everything that he does and the way his events are designed, from the wholistic guest experience, through to his team around him, his collaborators, and the models walking his shows for him.  Everyone is there for a reason, carefully selected and, to Jordan personally, uniquely exceptional and beautiful.

When the doors opened for 'The Woven Trojan Horse', Iordanes Spyridon Gogos AFW 2024 Runway last night, guests walked through, surprised to find themselves in a runway-less room, a large reception area where they waited, standing.  In the crowded space, with no chairs available, it was only natural for people to start conversations with those around them. Within minutes, no one was standing alone. Reminiscent of a pre-reception cocktail hour with close family and friends, perhaps this was a carefully designed element of the event architecture created to bring guests together in a personal way before the big celebration, reinforcing the human element and the theme of genuine connection.

Amongst other guests was a seamstress who works for one of Jordan’s well known collaborators. She had been flown into Sydney for Fashion Week and was waiting in nervous anticipation as her 18 year old daughter was walking in the show. Everyone seemed to have a meaningful story and a meaningful connection.

When it was show time, the audience were ushered into the main event space. With the runway presentation coinciding with the launch of Gogos’ new collaboration with Designer Rugs - a 38 year old luxury company known for its artist and designer collabs – the set was saturated with 200 square meters of the new rug collection, made from 100% New Zealand Wool and referencing designs from Gogos’ archive dating back to 2017 to the newly unveiled fashion collection.

The stage was aptly set.

The mesmerising Iordanes Spyridon Gogos runway extravaganza that followed featured an array of 'wearable art for the imagination' and structural marvels, boasting bold colours, eclectic prints, and a diverse ensemble of models walk the runway, wearing over 42 breathtaking looks. Collaborating with esteemed designers, creatives, and artists such as the returning collaborator Akira Isogawa, Linda Jackson AO, and Jenny Bannister, each ensemble embodied Gogos’ eclectic style and innovative vision, with an attention to detail and a level of intricate craftmanship that evoked a sense of otherworldly excellence.

Among the five standout pieces created in collaboration with one of Australia’s most celebrated fashion designers, Akira Osogowa, was a 'Lucky Lotto' dress adorned with hand-beaded scribbles and numbers, paying a touching homage to the designer's late Pappou (Spyridon) and his handwritten lotto numbers.

A technicolour coat felted in Gogos’ studio from remnant hand dyed wool encrusted in jewels was worn by Paula Aryropoulos, mother of Mary Argyropoulos (ISG team member) who is an ambassador of Parkinsons Australia and has been living with Young Onset Parkinsons for 30 years, a bag dress/ coat consisting of over 50 bags originally made for the latest Akira x ISG capsule and a hand painted, chain-stitched, smocked and hand beaded corset dress was worn by Real Housewife of Sydney star, Caroline Gaultier.

Acclaimed artist and designer Linda Jackson’s collaborative efforts yielded three awe-inspiring looks crafted from over 120 uniquely designed fabrics sourced from her archive in Mudgee, including a tag coat adorned with over 4000 42-year-old excess tags, worn by Archibald Prize winner Julia Gutman, and the innovative 'Library outfit,' donned by RuPaul's Drag Race runner-up of UK versus the world, Hannah Conda, which comprised over 20 meters of more than 100 different designed fabrics, ingeniously transformed into 'chatter boxes' and 'folded flowers,' complemented by paper plane shoes crafted by Olivia Bellevue.

Additionally, the 'Lightning' dress, worn by distinguished contemporary artist Angela Tiatia, captivated the audience with its patchworked fabrics inspired by the natural landscape. The dress featured earth-dyed bush prints and squiggly gumtree prints, meticulously hand-folded into lightning bolt patterns.

Two looks with iconic fashion designer Jenny Bannister, graced the runway. The first, named 'Black Riding Hood' and worn by Anja Brown, a muse of the label, showcased Gogos’ interpretation of Bannister's vintage labels in a skirt, yoke, and hood. The ensemble was paired with Bannister's upcycled silver plastic and aluminium can work, along with neoprene slashed sleeves and pigtails.  The second look in collaboration with Bannister featured a chain-mail dress that mimicked Bannister's signature cut-out shapes, crafted from recycled plastics.

In other looks, a Collezione Santina Couture gown was worn by Stephanie Farag, a collaborator and brand of the muse who has walked in all the brand’s shows and campaigns. The gown comprised French lace and screen printed, pleated fabric from a 2017 screen print from Gogos’ original explorations of design.

Naarm-based artist/fashion designer and proud Marrithiyel man, Paul McCann’s organically pleated coat/dress showcased over 8 original McCann artworks, spanning over 5 meters of hand-painted textiles.  Acclaimed artist and proud Yuwi, Torres Straight and South See Islander man, Dylan Mooney wore multi-faceted and interdisciplinary artist NELL’s ‘Spiritual Armor Ghost Coat,’ which featured over 100 hand-painted ghosts, one of NELL’s iconic motifs.

Visual and graphic artist Brittany Wyper's dress incorporated 12 original graphite pencil drawings of Gogos' studio objects, transformed into screen-printed motifs on aged textile, while Darren Bischoff (School of Footwear founder) contributed two boots and hats across looks, including one entirely made from signature chain stitch embroidery and compression fabric by Gogos.

Remaining steadfast in his Greek heritage, Gogos prominently featured the emblematic Greek Trojan horse, the brand’s logo, throughout the show, making a bold statement. It adorned models as a headpiece in some looks, adding a distinctive touch and depth to the collection.

A celebration of diversity, creativity, and craftsmanship, 'The Woven Trojan Horse': Iordanes Spyridon Gogos AFW 2024 Runway was a celebration of he immense talent and ingenuity of Australia's fashion industry.

With its bold designs, personal touches, and vibrant energy, Iordanes Spyridon Gogos' fourth collection leaves a lasting impression, cementing his status as one of Australia's most exciting creative in decades. We can't wait to see what's next.

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