ON Residence: A 5-star hotel in the heart of Thessaloniki

ON Residence

In a stunning building, a luxury hotel with a historic restaurant is changing the map of the Macedonian city.

ON Residence is in an impressive neoclassical building that steals the eyes and attention of anyone walking by. It is a stunning 5-star hotel that has developed into many more things than simple tourist accommodation—it is a true reference point in Thessaloniki.

ON Residence

From the first day it opened its doors, ON Residence has been synonymous with luxury and urban sophistication. With a stunning view of the sea of ​​Thermaikos Gulf, it has sixty luxurious rooms and suites that offer guests an unforgettable experience.

In the hotel's rooms and suites, you will get a real taste of modern luxury: the unique decorations and the fine materials that dominate every area of ​ ON Residence relax guests and make them feel all the comfort that only a truly premium experience can offer.

ON Residence

ON Residence has impressed even the most demanding design lovers with its delicate and thoughtful interior decoration details. The completely renovated building on Leoforos Nikis is the real talk of the town and has never stopped attracting famous personalities from Greece and abroad.

After all, this was also the goal of TOR Hotel Group and Grivalia Hospitality, the companies behind the hotel, which has breathed new life into the heart of Greece's second city.

ON Residence
Olympos Suite
ON Residence
Junior Suite

The historic restaurant Olympos Naoussa is housed within the hotel premises and has reopened after decades of absence from Thessaloniki's gastronomic life.

Now, the city awaits the arrival of the renovated ON Rooftop on the 8th floor of the hotel, from where the view to Thermaikos is truly magnificent, from a fresh, completely renewed environment.

ON Residence
ON Rooftop Bar

The culinary past of the city meets the present of fine dining

Olympos Naoussa is housed in exactly the same building where the legendary restaurant, which marked the culinary history of Thessaloniki with its presence, was located decades ago.

Today, its masterful decorative elements stand out in the restaurant's large, bright halls, bathed in northern Greece's sunlight and facing the sea. These are elements that keep the restaurant's aristocratic past alive and, at the same time, bring to mind an elegant European bistro.

ON Residence
Olympos Naoussa Restaurant

On the back of Olympos Naoussa, you will find a "secret" green courtyard with a blue swimming pool in the centre. This place offers unique moments of calm and relaxation that make you feel like you have escaped somewhere far away from the city centre.

ON Residence
Olympos Naoussa Restaurant Garden

Multi-award-winning executive chef Dimitris Tasiolas is behind the excellent menu, which you can try in this sophisticated restaurant with comfortable sofas and beautifully set tables.

The influences behind the composition of his versatile cuisine are many and quite different. From Slavic, Ottoman, Smyrnian, and Pontian cuisine to Jewish cooking, the dishes you will try here bring to your table flavours from all the population groups that for decades formed the core of a truly eclectic and exciting city, honouring in this way the past of Thessaloniki and its turbulent as well as rich history.

On the other hand, the materials and raw materials bring to the fore the pure products of the Mediterranean and Macedonia, whose recipes and traditions are always at the centre.

It is definitely worth trying the very tasty cocktails at the comfortable and atmospheric Tiger Loop cocktail bar, a spot of ON Residence that exudes urban charm and a uniquely wonderful calm.

Tiger Loop cocktail bar
Tiger Loop cocktail bar

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