Nicholas Galitzine Chased by a Hundred Schoolgirls in Greece


Nicholas Galitzine's Memorable Encounter at the Acropolis: Chased by a Hundred Schoolgirls

In a scene straight out of a movie, actor Nicholas Galitzine recently found himself the centre of a whirlwind of excitement while visiting the iconic Acropolis in Athens, Greece.

"I want to reconnect with my Greek heritage and go to the Acropolis"

The rising star, known for his roles in films such as "Purple Hearts" and "The Idea Of You," was taking in the ancient site's historical monuments and breathtaking views, when he was unexpectedly recognised by a group of enthusiastic fans.

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What began as a quiet, reflective visit to one of the world's most famous historical landmarks, quickly turned into a lively adventure. A hundred schoolgirls on a field trip to the Acropolis, spotted Galitzine and immediately swarmed around him, eager for a chance to meet the actor.

"I had to run up to the Acropolis to save myself"

Galitzine recounted the moment he was chased by a hundred schoolgirls on Jimmy Kimmel Live. During his appearance on the late-night talk show, the actor shared details about his recent visit to Greece and wanting to reconnect with his Greek heritage. On a day he decided to do so, he ventured to the Acropolis; upon his arrival he realised there must've been a school excursion, going by the hundred schoolgirls who recognised the heartthrob and created pandemonium.

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Galitzine, reminiscent of a Greek God himself, recently expressed his desire for an "Ancient Greece" project.

The Hollywood star's impromptu fan interaction at the Acropolis, is a testament to his increasing popularity and the widespread appeal of his work. Highlighting the universal nature of fandom, where even in a place as historic and solemn as the Acropolis, the presence of a beloved celebrity can ignite pure, spontaneous joy.

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