Stefanos Kasselakis and Husband Tyler Macbeth Have Fun-Filled Night at Argyros Premiere [Photos]


Stefanos Kasselakis and Tyler Macbeth Enjoy Fun-Filled Night at Argyros Premiere [Photos, Video]

Stefanos Kasselakis, the president of SYRIZA, and his husband Tyler Macbeth were spotted having a great time at the premiere of the film Argyros on Friday night, just before the European elections on June 9.

Photos from the event show Stefanos Kasselakis and Tyler Macbeth enjoying themselves and engaging in lively conversations.

See the images from the celebratory evening:

It's worth noting that just before the premiere, Stefanos Kasselakis had dinner with singer Konstantinos Argyros at the well-known Japanese restaurant Kenko Japanese Restaurant in Nea Smyrni. Kasselakis was accompanied by his husband Tyler Macbeth, and they reportedly chose the private area of the restaurant to have their meal.

The dinner lasted quite a while, suggesting that the two had plenty to discuss. Though unconfirmed, it's possible they even talked about the potential inclusion of Konstantinos Argyros in SYRIZA's European electoral ballot, which ultimately did not happen.

However, as it seems, the leadership of the main opposition party has shifted its focus from the cultural sphere to the world of bouzouki music.

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