African Dust and High Temperatures on Tuesday in Greece

heatwave athens greece

Today, Tuesday (21.05), some areas experienced temperatures reaching up to 35 degrees Celsius, according to the EMY forecast. Additionally, African dust levels in the atmosphere remain high, prompting experts to advise caution, especially for vulnerable groups, due to potential health risks.

Meteorologists explain the sudden rise in temperature and the phenomenon of a thermal ridge.

Tuesday's Highest Temperatures, Says Kolydas

"In the weather outlook for the next two days, in addition to the west and south, the temperature will rise in the centre as well, as the thermal ridge that exists in the west of our country is moving further east," says Thodoris Kolidas, the director of EMY, on social media.

He further explains, "The highest temperatures will be recorded tomorrow, while on Wednesday, although temperatures in the upper atmosphere will begin to fall, ground temperatures will remain high due to thermal inertia. Simultaneously, westerly descending winds will play a decisive role in the eastern continental regions."

From Thursday onwards, a gradual drop in temperature is expected, returning to normal seasonal values.

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