Greece Boosts EU Honey Trade: Imports Hit €359.3M in 2023

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In 2023, Greece's honey industry played a notable role in the European Union's honey trade, with the EU importing 163,700 tonnes of natural honey from non-EU countries, valued at €359.3 million. Meanwhile, EU members exported 24,900 tonnes of honey outside the EU, worth €146.0 million.

Compared to 2013, honey imports from non-EU countries increased by 20%, reaching 163,700 tonnes in 2023, while exports to extra-EU nations rose by 14% to 24,900 tonnes.

China emerged as the leading source of honey imports for the EU, accounting for 37% of total extra-EU honey imports, followed by Ukraine, Argentina, Mexico, and Cuba. On the export front, the United Kingdom led the way, receiving 17% of all extra-EU honey exports, followed closely by Saudi Arabia, Switzerland, the United States, and Japan.

honey storyWithin the EU, Germany stood out as the largest importer of honey, bringing in 41,000 tonnes from non-EU countries, representing 25% of all EU imports. Belgium, Poland, Spain, and France followed suit as significant importers.

Spain took the lead in honey exports, shipping 7,100 tonnes to non-EU countries, comprising 29% of all extra-EU honey exports. Germany, Romania, Hungary, and Greece also contributed substantially to EU honey exports.

This data coincides with World Bee Day on May 20, emphasising the vital role of pollinators in ecosystems and highlighting the significance of honey trade for EU member states.

(Source: Eurostat)

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