Greek Navy Blocks Russian Oil Transfers

Oil tanker

Several oil tankers engaged in transferring Russian petroleum off the southern coast of Greece were compelled to depart once again as the Greek Navy resumed military drills in the area.

The Laconian Gulf, situated approximately 110 miles southwest of Athens, has emerged as a crucial hub for logistical operations facilitating the trade of Russian fuel and crude, enabling cargo transfers between vessels destined for Asian markets.

However, the resumption of Greek Navy exercises this month disrupted these operations, aimed at impeding Moscow's export activities. Following the expiration of a previous notice, the oil tankers briefly returned to the gulf on Monday. Still, the Hellenic Navy Hydrographic Service issued a renewed notice, prompting the tankers to depart once more. The new notice extends until June 3.

Moreover, the navy expanded the exercise area, adding a southern zone, effectively obstructing the location where the tankers had been conducting their cargo transfers. As a result, many tankers are now clustered in the gap between the Laconian Gulf and the newly designated exercise area.

(Source: BNN Bloomberg)

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