Kimolos: 7 tips for holidaying on this forgotten Cycladic island


Kimolos has long been the neglected "little sister" of the more significant and tourist-famous Milos, which is about half a mile away.

However, the Cycladic island is gaining more and more passionate fans, and its beaches play a significant role in this, as they are for those who believe summer means swimming.

Travel's favourite spot in Kimolos is not a beach but more like a swimming pool. Even if you are in Kimolos for just one day (for example, if you are vacationing in Milos and decide to take a one-day trip there), it is worth taking a dip in Goupa and Kara.

Goupa in Kimolos
Goupa in Kimolos

Goupa is a coastal settlement less than one kilometre from Chora (the village, as the locals call it) on the island. The main beach of the settlement is in Goupa, called Rema. It is small and pebbly, with white rocks and deep blue waters.

These are also caves that the locals have made by carving the soft rocks to store their boats. They are sealed with wooden, coloured doors, and their presence works particularly atmospherically.

It goes without saying that keeping your cell phone battery charged is a good idea if you have a strong social media presence or just like taking pictures.

Karas is not far from Goupa. There is no pebbles, only rocks to spread your towel and dive into the sea. Due to air and water erosion, there is a spot with a rock that has acquired a shape that strongly resembles an elephant.

karas kimolosThe "Elephant" rock has a white house to its south, and when combined with the sea and the opposite rocks, it creates an image reminiscent of a 20th-century painting.

A significant advantage of Goupa and Kara —especially in August of the Meltemia—is that the waters here are almost always calm, and the spot is windless. This, combined with the rocks and the peaceful landscape, creates a swimming pool feeling for the bathers.

A collection in which, however, it is common to swim among many small fish.

The only - in our opinion - negative of choosing this particular location for your bath is the lack of natural shade (apart from a few tamarisk trees in Rema), while the fact that it is not a beach but rocks makes it impossible to place an umbrella.

Therefore, it would be good to have sun cream and plenty of water as there is no canteen to get anything. In addition, as the space on Kara is limited, you will likely be quite cramped in the high season.

How to get there?

From Chora tis Kimolos, Goupa is less than 1 kilometre away, so you can get there on foot in about 10 minutes. From Psathi, the island port, you will need to walk a little further, 15 minutes. If you have a car, you will be there in about 3 minutes.

Seven tips for holidays in Kimolos

Outdoor lending libraries operate in various parts of the island, particularly tasteful. You can borrow a book to read on the island and - why not - give away books you no longer want?

You "must" set aside a day for a boat trip to Polyaigo, the largest uninhabited island in the Aegean. But it would be good to choose a day without much wind for this.


The trademark local dish is ladenia, a pie that looks quite like a pizza. It has dough and few good ingredients: tomato, onion, oregano, and plenty of olive oil.

Kimolos is an ideal choice for those who love nature-loving activities, as it has many walking routes with beautiful landscapes and surprises.


If you intend to stay on the island for 3-4 days, you can not bring or rent a means of transport. Kimolos is small, and in high season, there is a good bus service to Chorio, the port, and the island's main beaches.

Even if you don't consider yourself romantic, it's worth being at Mavrospilia beach for sunset on the island's southwest side. Its sunset is one of the most beautiful in the Aegean.

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