Nammos Cannes: Mykonian Luxury Arrives on the French Riviera

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As the 77th Cannes International Film Festival kicked off, the final touches were being put on the opening of the new Nammos in the city of the French Riviera.

Following the deal to sell the most famous Mykonian brand to UAE's Sheikh Tahnoun Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, in which Petros Stathis also participates, this particular project, which started in 2021, progressed rapidly.

Yesterday, Nammos in Cannes opened to welcome its first affluent and well-known clients at the renovated Palm Beach hotel, fulfilling the dream of Yiannis Fratzeskou.

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Nammos Cannes: Mykonian Luxury Arrives on the French Riviera 1

To bring the Mykonian restaurant to the heart of the French Riviera, where he has always wanted to operate since the time he visited it when he wanted to open Nammos in Psarou with Sami Ibrahim and Konstantin Kousathanas.

Many things changed over the course of 20 years. The original three partners became two, and then a deal was made with the Sheikh, in which Petros Stathis took part, to bring the new restaurant in the heart of the French Riviera to life.

This reality ultimately cost fifty million euros, while the initial budget had been estimated at thirty million, as the perfectionism of the founders of the Mykonian brand proved to be very costly.

It is the most expensive Nammos ever built, costing three times more than Dubai, which is currently the brand's flagship.

What elevated the luxury lifestyle of beach life, as it is known abroad, in the island of winds, from where it started its journey.

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